Journey of Hope Through Lent

Lent Day 9

Journey of Hope Through Lent Day 6

Lent Day 9 – My Journey of Hope through Lent 

Did you know God collects your tears in a bottle? He hears your every cry! I don’t know about you but, I have many bottles that my God has collected for me. 

I love that I can trust Him, Jesus, with all I am and all my brokenness for He heals the broken hearted. He restored my soul. I am forever grateful. 

Jesus knows suffering! He bore all our pain on the cross. Jesus was abandoned by His Father. WHAT!  

Yes. When Jesus took on the sins of the world His Father, God, could not even look upon Him because of the sins of the World. He was Alone! Broken and Spilled out for YOU and me. Yet, He willingly gave HIS life. 

He  became sin who knew no sin to be the propitiation (sacrifice) for us.

I am learning to trust Him every day and because of learning to trust Him no matter what I am going through. Jesus is with me everyday He fills my heart with a peace only God can give! To STOP and LISTEN.

Trust him today! There is #AlwaysHope #PeaceOfGod #GodHearsYourBrokenHeart #TearsofHope #TearsInABottle  Follow my YouTube Channel

Listen as Vicki Truett sings a song that has filled my soul. I hope it lifts your broken heart up as well!

God Collects your Tears in a Bottle. Trust Him today with your Broken Heart, pour out your sorrows!

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