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Sienna Support Dog rescued on the brink of death! 

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Sienna Support Dog rescued on the brink of death! 

Sienna Service Dog rescued on the brink of death! 
Sienna Support Dog rescued on the brink of death!  The other day, we put out a plea to our area to find Sienna on Facebook, and to NextDoor the neighborhood app

Chief Deputy Dog Warden, Nelson Delgado saved the life of not only a dog, Sienna, a Support Dog rescued on the brink of death! In addition of a very unique woman whom I call my friend! Renee Morton legally blind and deaf is an Inspiration of Hope herself! Keep reading her story of not giving Her Journey of Hope through her search for Sienna.  

Renee’s Journey of Hope

The following is the story about Renee’s  Journey of Hope to find and rescue her dog. Sienna, her companion and support Dog. Will she be rescued from the brink of death? 

As a rule severe summer storms are frightening for humans, for the most part our pets are often especially horrified, as their hearing is 4 times better than humans. 

Animal Hearing No Wonder Storm Terrify them

If Animal Hearing is 4 times greater than humans is it any wonder pets tremble during a thunderstorm, especially as severe as the Storm August 23, 2023, Wednesday night! Calling Sienna she must have tried with all her might to find her way HOME. 

Why Dogs and Cats Hear Better Than Humans.

Meanwhile, we had everyone praying. We searched every street in the neighborhood. We posted on Facebook and NextDoor. 

In the distance, I’m sure people heard us calling for Siena! “SIENNA”…..We never gave up, believing that our God can do a miracle to bring her home alive! 

Kept Praying, Standing in Faith Believing

We kept praying, standing in faith, believing that God was true to answer the prayers of his children and the cries of their heart. 

Finally, Friday 25th 2023 someone, Jim Warren, on west side of the Black River bank saw a dog trapped far below. While the raging river was still rising in the mud, he saw a dog concerned she wasn’t moving. Was the dog alive? 

Sienna Support Dog rescued on the brink of death! 

The realization that the dog wasn’t moving brought fears the dog had died during the horrific storm on Wednesday night. As a result Jim Warren called  Chief Dog Warden Nelson Delgado, “hello, there is a lifeless dog which seemed to be dead. “Can you come and get it?”

Earlier we talked to the Chief Dog Warden, Nelson Delgado at Elyria Dog Kennel Thursday at 10 am, after searching the neighborhood on our own. Therefore, he remembered her name. Sienna! 

He frantically yelled “Sienna” she struggled trying to get free. He climb down the treacherous, slippery, muddy embankment to rescue her. Sienna was ALIVE! 

Nelson Delgado Experiences Hope & Concern

As a result of her missing from home for nearly 2 days Sienna was very weak.  In addition the Black river was continuing to rise trapped between the rising river mud and a down tree Officer Delgado called out to her.  Next he grasped her clipping her collar with a leash hoping he would not have to carry her back up the steep river bank. Sienna, seemed to know he was there to rescue her and return her home to Renee. With a new sense of urgency on both parts she began to climb up the steep embankment. Subsequently, nelson ripped his trousers on his Journey of Restoring Hope.  We want to thank Chief Dog Warden Nelson Delgado, for his quick response and heroic rescue. Also, the observant caring neighbor, Jim Warren, who called the dog pound to save the life of our precious Sienna. 

Inspirations of Hope

Truly daily life precipitates Inspirations of Hope on a constant basis. Don’t miss a single one! 

As revealed this Rescued Inspiration of Hope by Chief Deputy Dog Warden, Nelson Delgado saved the life of not only of a dog, but of a very unique woman whom I call my friend! Renee Morton is legally blind and and hearing impaired. She is truly an Inspiration of Hope herself! Renee said I will #NeverGiveUp I will #AlwaysHope I will #Believe

Remember, there is #AlwaysHope  #NeverGiveUp #SharingHopeAndHealthyLiving

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Sharing Hope is my passion in whatever way God leads me, including searching for my friend’s lost dog! 

Welcome Back Home;Sienna Service Dog rescued from the brink of death! 

Teaching Healthy Living Classes – FUN. 

Your Hope and Healthy Living Coach Laurel!!

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