Prisoner of Hope

Hope is not just for dark times—it is for all times.

Hope is not just for dark times—it is for all times.

Don’t postpone being optimistic until everything in your life feels good. Start today! Believe in the best. Develop optimism. Expect good things. Choose positivity. Laugh. Dream of the brightest future you can imagine. That vision will change your life” Benjamin Windle

Prisoner of Hope!

Today I am a Prisoner of Hope!

An interesting thing happened to me today. As I came outside at the beautiful is Carlisle Inn in Sugarcreek, I chose to sit outside the patio next to the swimming pool. And walking outside and choosing to sit facing the sunshine, I hoped to bring back my Journal, tablet, and all that I write with. However, finding the enclosed gate locked! The doors, locked without escape!

Locked without Escape!

Contemplating, here I sit imprisoned facing the beautiful sun shining morning reading about hope. As a Prisoner of Hope I discovered a new way to view my world. Nothing changed however, my mind changed.

Imprisoned without Hope

Pondering Jesus presence, wondering about life.

How often am i imprisoned without hope? Overwhelmed with struggles and cares of life overpowering my thoughts. Always wondering what is my next step is? Where are the hopes, dreams, and expectations of my perfect life? Finding Hope and dreams often are as an elusive butterfly. However, I have found hope. Consequently, today I have chosen to be a Prisoner of Hope.

What has Imprisoned you?

Are you imprisoned in a beautiful area but stuck with no way out? I am a prisoner of hope today, because I have learned it is the bad things that happen in our life that cause us to hope in the Lord.

What is my next step? I need help from someone else to unlock the doors to this beautiful prison. Of course, I could just stay where I’m at…

Today let me ask you this question…

First Are you struggling with anxiety or fear of the future?

Second, are you afraid of taking the next step because of failure?

Third, Are you struggling with an addiction?

In Addition did you know shopping, overspending, over eating, can all be forms of addiction?

Finally are you struggling with weight?

If you’ve answered, yes, to any of these questions, it is time for you to embark on your dreams and journey of hope for Healthy Living.

Follow Hope and Healthy Living, Coach Laurel to embark on your journey. Intricately designed by God, your bodies, your spirit, and your mind, are uniquely designed. Harmonizing as in a beautiful orchestra performing in perfect harmony.

There is #AlwaysHealth, #NeverGiveUp#

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