Mia’s Lifeless Body ReEnergized

Little Girl Recalls Seeing Jesus

Love Reaches Around the World!

Harris Family Journey follow Mia Harris journey of hope to a ReEnergized Body

Mia’s Story is Amazing! Enjoy Mia Harris journey of hope to a ReEnergized Body

Watch this amazing story here from 700 Club – Podcasts Mia’s apparently dead body is resuscitated below is her Journey of Hope from death to life. Mia’s Lifeless Body ReEnergized Today she is thriving!

Mia’s Story 

Her Lifeless Body lay limp in Momma’s Heart & Hands

Mia Harris journey of hope to a ReEnergized Body – Mia’s Lifeless Body held by her mom under those circumstance any Mom’s heart would be desperately crying out to God to spare her young daughter’s life, so was the Harris Family Love reaches around the World through prayers, which God always hears. There is Always Hope.

Mia’s Lifeless Body Rejuvenated to a ReEnergized Body

Finally, Mia’s lifeless body was Resuscitated, Rejuvenated through the power of Prayer. Mia’s Life restored while clutching her hand through their Journey of Hope. Meanwhile, people praying around the world. Mia’s Daddy appreciating so many prayers offered. God heard prayers of Love, comfort and strength. The Harris Family experienced Love poured out, Love Reached around the World. Follow the Harris Family Journey of Hope https://www.harrisfamilyjourney.org

The victorious outcome is evident, the Harris Family continue to rejoice not only in in the God of their Salvation but of Mia’s lifeless body revitalized another chance given. As her family continues to watch her grow and thrive daily.

Follow the Harris Family Journey 

Daddy, I Dreamed Jesus Brought me Home

While Hiking in the Wayne National Forest with her family a large tree branch from 60 feet falls on this little girls body. lifeless in her mother’s arms daddy runs to finds cell service. Finally, Mike’s Cell service comes alive. Frantically Mike called 911! “Help a tree branch has fallen on my daughter’s head.” Kaylee Fouts releases her experience.
While people prayers sought throughout the Nation and Love Reaches Around the World! Follow the Harris on their Journey of Hope through Mia’s Lifeless Journey Body Rejuvenated

EMT testimony 


Book Coming Soon….. Keep Following her Story

Mia’s ensuing story is a true miracle and an Inspiration of Hope. Follow Mia Harris on her Journey of Hope to a ReEnergized Body on Sharinghopeandhealthyliving.com so much more to come. Enjoy her Momma’s memoir to experience a true miracle of Lifelessness Rejuvenated! Book preorders


A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love is from Heaven Above

Love Reaches Across the World!

Prayers Answered! Mia’s Lifeless Body Rejuvenated

Love Reaches Across the World!

Mia’s LifeLess Body ReEnergized For more Inspirations of Hope

Mia’s Journey of Hope continues….

Mia’s Lifeless Body ReEnergized a 4 Year Old Supernaturally Healed Recalls Heaven & Jesus! Today Mia’s Journey of Hope continues listen to her story! “I was there with Jesus, I saw the Star of Heaven”

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