Journey of Hope Through Lent Day 6

Believe God’s Promises are True

Journey of Hope Through Lent Day 6 Today as I awoke, my mind was on God’s promises, and as I pondered that while I was driving Isaiah to school, we were listening to a song called the Land of the Living with talks about God‘s promises come true in the land of the living as we looked up, we saw this rainbow so today I will Fix my Eyes my on Jesus! I will Believe God’s Promises are True He is my Hope!

God’s Promises are True

Where is your focus? Where are you fixing your eyes? Has God Given you a promise? Remember to keep believing God’s promises are true!

To the circumstances of life, fear of health concerns, fear of failure, fear of the economy or even your loss of a job?

Every year I choose a Bible verses as my mantra to work into my life. This is my verse of the year is Faith. Faith is the evidence of things HOPED for the certainty of what HOPE for.

Nearly every day God in one way or another has reminded me of it. As I read my Bible the other morning the sun began shining on my face as if God was saying “I have everything in control! My Promises are true. Fix your eyes on me, let my Son☀️ shine through you”

I blog to share a glimmer of hope rays of sunshine in a dark place. The ☀️ sun is always shining above the clouds! Even during the winters of Ohio.

We will make it through this! Believe God’s Promises are true. When God closes one door He will open another! You hold the key. ?

Today I share a golden key of #Hope


LORD Jesus, I pray for my friends and family turn our eyes to YOU to stand in Faith knowing YOU are in CONTROL and all the troubles of this world we grow dim in comparison to your love for US. Thank you Jesus for your peace, power and strength to overcome! Thank you, for I believe your Promises are true.

I write to share that there is #AlwaysHope #NeverGiveUp #JourneyOfHopeThroughLent #LentDay6 #StandInFaith #LentDay6 #HopeAndHealthOneDropAtaTime Remember #NeverGiveUp there is #AlwaysHope

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