Journey of Hope through Lent – Day 3

Listening to God’s Voice

Lent Day 3 

Are you Listening for God’s Voice so small? His Voice is quietly waiting ​to answer Your Call.  

Did you know God’s Promises are true even through the midst of the storm? 

When life around us is storming, we see warring in the world and there is no peace, even then God’s Word, his COVENANT which are his PROMISES are TRUE!  

The Lord had this quiet lesson for me! I had to Be Still

Sometimes God wants to talk to us but we are too busy, sometimes he says NO!  

If I am quiet it’s Because the LORD said “Laurel No Facebooking,  No Internet, No Writing, Just be QUIET, wait for my small voice to be heard above the raging waters of life.”

Lord, Help me! Teach me to be Quiet. I  want you to just listen to hear your voice speaking to my heart! 


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