Emotional Wellness Month & Mental Health Awareness

Mental Awareness Moments

Day 5 of Journey of Hope – 31 Mental Awareness Moments 

October has become known as Mental Health Awareness Month. What exactly is mental health and what does it entail? The entirety of October is a plethora of mental health remembrances. Included are Emotional Wellness Month, Mental Illness Awareness Week, Mental Health Awareness Month, World Mental Awareness, and Depression Awareness Month. Today, even children are not exempt from mental health issues. Therefore, we commemorate Bullying Prevention Month, ADHD Awareness Month.

If you seem to be struggling with a plethora of concerns about your own mental health you are not alone! 1 out of 8 people struggle during National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month.

 Today do Something Nice for a Stranger and Thank a Teacher!!!

National Be Nice Day &World Teacher’s Day

 In Addition to Mental Health & Emotional Wellness Month, it’s National Be Nice Day and World Teacher’s Day! SO Thank A Teacher. Do something nice to someone, perhaps a perfect stranger. Watch Pay It Forward it just may change your life!

Pay It Forward

It was a phenomenal movie (2000) about how an act of kindness changed lives in a community! Pay It Forward https://youtu.be/TlZDDACt8Nw?si=HIMcvwyiHM0kPFrh

Furthermore and most importantly….As a former Teacher, I love that today is World Teacher’s Day! Every single person has been influenced by a teacher at some point in their life! You are who you are because of a teacher. Remember to share a kind word, an act of Kindness to a stranger, and speak of the deep appreciation you have for a teacher today! Did you know a kind gesture and practicing gratitude and gratefulness boost the neurotransmitter serotonin to activate the brain stem to produce Dopamine. Afterall dopamine is our brain’s pleasure chemical. The more we think positive and grateful thoughts, the healthier and happier we are. Discovering it is more of a blessing to give than to recieve!

Do Something Nice for a Stranger

Thank a Teacher!!!!

Emotional Wellness Month is a time to remind us to disconnect and take time out for ourselves to ReNew, ReJuvenate, and ReCharge. Every day we Healthy Living with Oily Blessings will be posting on https://www.facebook.com/dobsonlaurel Let’s Become Wellness Friends! Just one of the steps on your Journey of Hope with Mental Awareness Moments

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