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Hope Connection for Working Women to network with other Christian Working Women.
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Emotional Wellness Month & Mental Health Awareness

Mental Awareness Moments Day 5 of Journey of Hope – 31 Mental Awareness Moments  October has become known as Mental Health Awareness Month. What exactly is mental health and what does it entail? The entirety of October is a plethora of mental health remembrances. Included are Emotional Wellness Month, Mental Illness Awareness Week, Mental Health […]

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Mia’s Lifeless Body ReEnergized

Little Girl Recalls Seeing Jesus Love Reaches Around the World! Harris Family Journey follow Mia Harris journey of hope to a ReEnergized Body Watch this amazing story here from 700 Club – Podcasts Mia’s apparently dead body is resuscitated below is her Journey of Hope from death to life. Mia’s Lifeless Body ReEnergized Today she is

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