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About Me

Welcome from Coach Laurel

Welcome to the Hope and Healthy Living Team!
From Hope Coach Laurel

First of all, Thank you for inquiring about Hope and Healthy Living! We are here to provide alternative answers in Search of Hope, including answers to health concerns to improve your total wellness routine - ReEnergizing your Body, Transform Thinking, through Soul Searching. Hope Coach Laurel is expanding her Healthy Living Classes teaching and sharing so much more than just Essential Oils! Sharing Hope and Healthy Living - Body Mind and to enhance soul searching.

Her interactive aspects reach your total persona! Through research and experiences of herself and others, she has expanded alternatives to transform thinking shaking off the nominal existence of aging without energy. Laurel’s energy, excitement, and encouragement to Restore Your Hope, Renew Your Mind, and ReEnergize Your Body has regained an all-new revitalization to those in her sphere waking dreams long forgotten. Today our world is in dire need of hope, and people living in hopelessness are on the rise. If you know anyone who is looking for hope please share this.


Bring clarity to the priorities, strategies and opportunities to Triumph over tragedy,
achieve the exceptional results Body Mind, and Soul with emotional Freedom to Dream again!


Dedicated to Inspiring Hope, encouraging optimism, to enhance soul-searching, identifying clarity of purpose, direction, and focus for the future.